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Jazlap 3 months ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Lince 12 hours ago 7
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John Teofilo 1 year ago in Content Creation • updated by Jeffrey Phillips 12 months ago 3


How to insert a PDF file on HTML enrichment?

I plan to use this HTML as Pop-up.

I'm can't figure it out, it turns the Pop-up white blank page.

I use AVE Pdf format.




You can't insert a PDF file in an HTML enrichment. But you can do it in a sub layout.

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manni deman 1 year ago in Content Creation • updated by Manuel Brossard (Support Manager) 1 year ago 1

Currently, I only see that your software is available for MAC only.

Will there be Windows / PC Version of your tools available soon?

John Teofilo 1 year ago in Content Creation • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Support Tech) 12 months ago 9

Hi everyone,

I'm currently creating a page with this:

My objective is to create a page with scrollable button below then the sub layout above of it, will scroll to it's target page with anchor. I tried to create a not scrollable button, it works fine on iPhone 5, but not on Android (android phone do nothing if I tap the button).

Any Idea how to do this?

Thank you :)


Hello John,

The bugfix for this has been done and will be released within the next version of Android Reader, which will be

As a sidenote, there has been a recommendation of one of the devs: if you intend to build your whole magazine with this method (and not just a page with some content), this could lead to problems with memory usage, slowdowns and eventually crashes, so they advise you switch to AVEmag and split your pages across.

Of course if this isn't what you intended to do, you can disregard this.

Best regards,


Aquafadas Support

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heinz 12 months ago in Content Creation • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Support Tech) 12 months ago 1


Is there a way to provide certain areas of an app with a password protection? So only the user who knows the password has an access to this area.
If this isn`t possible, is it possible to send only certain user the app and not the publicly (like it would be in the AppStore)?
I would appreciate an answer very much.
Camila A. 12 months ago in Content Creation • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 12 months ago 2

I need to make a copy of another project that i have done before, so i can make changes over it without making modifications in the first project.

SPLAT! Magazine 12 months ago in Content Creation 0


I wonder if someone at Aquafadas could help me please? I recently subscribed to Aquafadas and can't fathom how to make many of the plugins work. For instance, the video tutorial for the Spot The Difference plugin is really out of date, and doesn't seem to relate to the plugin at all now. It's been suggested that the Hide & Seek plugin could help but it's far too different to be able to use as even a starting point. Can someone please direct me to an up-to-date tutorial or documentation about this please?

It's pointless having these plugins if there's no away of knowing how to use them and I've spent hours trying to get them to work with absolutely no joy.



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Blanc 12 months ago in Content Creation • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 12 months ago 1


Cela faisait un moment que je n'avais pas utilisé Bannerzest Pro et malgré les mises à jour régulière, j'ai un bug qui apparait.

Je ne peux plus enregistrer un projet.

Aucune fenêtre n'apparait sous la fonction "enregistrer" ou "enregistrer sous..."

Je perds le projet si je le ferme.

Voici les détails :

Bannerzest : Version 3.1.4 (5575)

Mac Osx : El Capitan 10.11.4

Merci de votre aide

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El_May 11 months ago in Content Creation • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 11 months ago 4


Je poste ici un problème qui m'embête beaucoup.

Sur mon mac qui tourne en 10.8.3, je souhaite installer la petite application Aquafadas Connect afin, notamment, de pouvoir installer le viewer. Or lorsque je le télécharge puis tente de l'installer j'ai un message qui me dit "Impossible d'ouvrir cette version de l'application “ Aquafadas Connect " avec cette version d'OS X. Vous avez OS X 10.8.3. L'application requiert OS X 10.9 ou ultérieur."

Y'a t'il une autre solution qu'upgrader mon OS ?

Existe t'il une page avec les version précédentes pour le Aquafadas Connect et l'aquafadas viewer installer comme il en existe une pour le l'Indesign Authoring (http://aquafadas.eu/rss/IndesignAuthoring.php)

Merci par avance


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John Teofilo 10 months ago in Content Creation • updated 10 months ago 4

Hi Aquafadas Team,

As we created our Digital Version of our Magazine, we chose AveMag over AvePdf for the advantage that the Enrichments are more compatible on AveMag. In relation to this, the option "Disable Zoom" for AveMag is what our Team waiting from the future updates.

As we Test our Magazine, we got much Application Crash because of that Zoom. The Application goes "Fade into White" after we accidentally zoom the contents.

We know that you already lined up the request for Option that we can disable the Zoom on AVEMag and we wanna know when you gonna apply that.

Thank you

Hubert 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated 1 year ago 11
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Electric Valery 2 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Hubert 2 years ago 5