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By Matthieu Kopp
Sotnas Design Lda 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Manu Brossard 2 years ago 5
I can't connect to my account with AquafadasConnect.
Send a Code: 202 : (null)
Anybody can help with this issue?

Mike Lohrman 3 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Cédric Malet (Marketing Director) 2 years ago 5
Our client(1) already had a company Apple developer account. They set me up as a team member on the account (I didn't have to pay Apple for the developer account). And I used that account to publish an app for the client(1) and the first issue of the publication. Now we have a new client(2) we want to build an app for. As I'm new to all of this, I'm wondering what the best way is to proceed so I can develop for a new client and not affect anything with our current client as we are continuing to work with them.

When I login to my developer account, My client's(1) business name is listed below my name. And my whole account seems to revolve around that client(1).

- Is there a way to setup my account so that it is it's own entity with my company name? Then maybe I would join my client's(1) dev team or something? (I realize I will probably have to pay the $100 developer cost)
- how would doing this affect Certificates, Identifiers, Profiles, etc., on my dev computer for my current client's(1) app? I would want to make sure the app listed my client as the developer in the app store, and not me.
- How do I begin setting things up for a new client(2)? Would I have them setup an Apple development account(if they don't already have one), then add me as a team member? Could I do this for them? Ultimately I would want the app store to list their company name as the developer in the app store and not me.

I think as far as the Aquafadas side of things, I should just open a new Aquafadas account for our new client, correct? 

Thanks for any information! We are willing to pay for personal help with this as well from the Aquafadas team if it means I can do it correct the first time and not screw anything up :)
Col 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 6

Does anyone know why my App might be stuck in Test Mode in Cloud Connect?

I have un-ticked 'Test' in the Titles section of Cloud Connect. but all of the platforms under 'Test Issue' in Publish>Release informations are greyed out and I can't un-tick them. Also, when I click on 'Publish' I see the test flask icon under each platform and no Tick under Apple (the only platform I wish to send to). How do I get my app out of test mode?

This issue results in me getting a

'DEMO Version. Unspecified manifest data. The validity of the AVE file cannot be tested.

message when I transport the app to my iPad. I am trying to create a one-off 'AVE Reader (iPad)' in AppFactory and so I don't need to upload my .zave link. I have read other answers but these are for a remote issue and not a bundles one off app. Any ideas?

I am so close to sending my app to Apple for review, I am just stuck in this test mode section.

Also, if my app gets rejected for whatever reason, and I have to re-submit a new one, does that use up one of my publication licenses?

I look forward to some positive information.

Many thanks all.
Hélène Hofbauer 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated 2 years ago 3
Où pourrais-je trouver de la documentation concernant la partie "store models" qu'on peut maintenant retrouver dans Cloud Connect?
Jorge Santos 3 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Manu Brossard 3 years ago 2
I have a easy question.
If i have a free publication, need to add a product type/Subscription to my app?
Under review
Armando GM 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated 2 years ago 5
Hi, The Banner Zest installed program that had started to crash and uninstall it with the intention of reinstalling it but will not let me, when trying to install I get a window; You CAN NOT INSTALL THE APPLICATION. CONTACT SUPPLIER OF APPLICATION
Under review
Gianrico Gambino 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Hicham Tarhini 2 years ago 3
Hi support,
I saw the webinar regarding the creation with the new cloudconnect of the new kiosk, with a lot of new features, very interesting, but in the video isn't clear the relationship between the cloudconnect and the ipa creation.
How the app factory create correctly the ipa or the apk? It will see the data on the cloud connect and will compile on the basis of what is setted up on it?
Under review
David 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated 2 years ago 4

I currently have several products setup that can be bought by anonymous users, but are free once logged in (via a custom database connection). Is there any way hide the products from anonymous users, so they can only be accessed once logged in?

Cédric Malet (Marketing Director) 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated 1 year ago 0

If anyone is interested in building an App with a voucher redemption structure, you should be aware that we do offer you the ability build apps like this using the Aquafadas system. Check out this latest addition to our documentation:

Under review
chuang29 1 year ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Kelly 6 months ago 4


I'm a member of an earlier program/platform called Appzine Machine. Just received an email & video this morning informing me of their intention to close down Appzine Machine & their arrangement with Aquafadas to secure 9-month redemption vouchers for all their members. I've just registered my new account with Aquafadas with my new voucher code.

Have a few questions to ask about this:

(1) Could I check how does the redemption voucher work

(2) What do I need to do once the 9-month period is up?

(3) What will happen to my account after that?

Looking forward to your reply. You can also reply me via

Thank you.