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By Matthieu Kopp
Ahmet Boyaci 2 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by JBDS 2 years ago 2
I have a new project and we will make it with Apple Enterprise Developer systems for distribution of in-house.

Are AppAppFactory applications (mono and kiosk) suitable for Apple Enterprise ?
How can we generate our apps for Apple Enterprise (ipa and plist file) ?
How can we set push notifications on them ?
How can we distribute them on the internet site?
How can we distribute them on MDM (Mobile Device Management system) ?

Can you help me ?


Ria Sandilands 3 years ago in Content Publication 0
Create your own HTML5 WebReader for a cutting-edge, native reading experience for your content from Aquafadas digital publishing tools. Show me how!

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Terry Converse 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 years ago 1

-- using El Capitan, the SAVE and SAVE AS function doesn't work. Also FACEBOOK export to work

Guerrillatv Trevor Marriott 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2
I found the online help forums to be of great assistance

The video tutorials are great as well (some need slight updating to match the updated xcode, iTunesconnect sites) but any of the hurdles or spots I go stuck on were answered in the forums section.

Nice work Rob
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Aaron Johnson 1 year ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by alen prot 1 year ago 10

I have added the UUID of my device to the list of test devices on aquafadas, but I still get an error that the test device has not been added. Not sure where to go from here. Please advise if you have a possible solution.




Lorsque je programme un push et qu'il n'a pas encore été envoyé, je n'ai aucun moyen de le supprimer or cela était possible auparavant.

Je ne peux pas cliquer sur le bouton "action".

Pouvez-vous réactiver cette fonctionnalité ?

Je vous remercie par avance de votre aide/retour.

Bien cordialement.

Cenveo 2 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Hubert 11 months ago 1

During the process of load new app to Apple, we got a request for more information. Apple is asking if IDFA is used in the app. We said no, now it says it is in there how to resolve we are stuck

Below is an article

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Daan 3 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Chris Bird 1 month ago 4
Hi there! Some years ago, I bought several Aquafadas desktop apps, one of them being iDive. It was not overly cheap but it did exactly what I was looking for: allow me to make a light-weight, visual archive of older video material.

However, even though iDive is still mentioned on the website (if one is determined to find it - it is well hidden), the most recent update was back in early 2011 - almost 4 years ago. In Apple parlance, that means also 4 operating system versions ago.

(NB: actually, I can only submit this feedback by choosing a category that perfectly reflects iDive's status, as iDive, or the Desktop Apps category, is not included in the popup. I have therefore selected a different, 'wrong' category in order to be able to submit this text.)

While iDive still seems to function on 10.10 Yosemite, it shows its age and badly needs a refresh/update. Are there any plans to do so, or is it Aquafadas' policy to let iDive slowly bleed to death?

Thanks in advance for responding.

A one-time quite happy Aquafadas customer.
Ria Sandilands 3 years ago in Content Publication 0
iZagreb : The must-have digital asset for any tourist visiting Croatia's capital.
Stunning interactivity via maps, videos, pop-ups, scrollable texts, slideshows and more!Capture d’écran iPad 4
Ria Sandilands 3 years ago in Content Publication 0
A harmony of culture and classical music, the German digital magazine VAN is already making waves through the music sphere with its interactive design and captivating features.
VAN Content