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By Matthieu Kopp

Application loader - ERROR ITMS-90534

Valentin 7 months ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 7 months ago 4


Since few days, Apple need to have XCode 8.3.2 to generate an app. So I've install it and generate a new IPA from App Factory but still have an error in the application loader (see error above) and can't send my app for validation. I don't know what to do ...

ERROR ITMS-90534: "Invalid Toolchain. New apps and app updates must be built with the public (GM) versions of Xcode 6 or later, macOS, and iOS SDK or later. Don't submit apps built with beta software including beta macOS builds."

WARNING ITMS-90703: "Deprecated Xcode Build. Due to resolved app archives issues, we will be deprecating Xcode 8.3 on May 10, 2017, at which time app archives built with 8.3 will no longer be accepted by the App Store. Download Xcode 8.3.2 or newer, rebuild your app and resubmit."

Thanks for your help



eLearning: Is your offering SCORM compliant?

Chris Phillips 8 months ago in Content Publication • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 6 months ago 2

eLearning: Is your offering SCORM compliant?


Next Gen App. Access different language store models from the main store model

Ana Belén 8 months ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Katherine (Support Tech) 2 weeks ago 10


I have an app created with the Next Gen template with different content for several languages. I need to go from the main store model that has a default language to another store model that defaults to another language. I have tried to put in the main store model a component of store models linking with the store model q I am interested but does not show it because the language is different. I have also tried to put an HTML5 / Web component with a deeplinking but in the simulator the app is closed.

How can I do it?

Tanks in advance

Ana Belén


Malformed File

3008 l'Agence 8 months ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Tech Support) 8 months ago 3

Bonjour, Il m'est impossible d'Uploader dans mon espace Application, mon Certificat Apple. "Malformed File". Est-il possible de vous le transferer autrement ?




Remove open source license

Pambudhi 8 months ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Katherine (Support Tech) 2 weeks ago 5

Can we remove Open source license information, it's appear on menu on Android version.

Under review

AppFactory iOS - SSL error in simulator when linking to a url

Ana Belén 8 months ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated 8 months ago 2


I am configuring from AppFactory-iOS an app with the Next Gen Kiosk template. In the section Bottom bar / Web I am putting a URL with security certificate but when exporting the app to the simulator and clicking the web button it shows me this error: "An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server can not be made"

What is the problem?

Thanks in advance

Under review

Missing categories & very slow reaction of the references after AppFactory 4.7.2

Benjamin Röbig 8 months ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Tech Support) 8 months ago 1

Hi, after the AppFactory 4.7.2 update, there are some mistakes:

1. One category and a sub-category do not appear in the app created with 4.7.2.

2. There is a very slow/buggy reaction in CloudConnect after doin some changes. Clicking on one of my categories (here for examples category A), it happens several things. Sometimes i see nothing filled in, sometimes i see the content of category B although i clicked on category A (and vice versa) and sometimes everything seems correct.

3. The Reference in the Image, List and Spotlight banner do not appear or appears after 30–60 seconds if the Type is set to ›Category: displays the …‹.

Thank you and regards



AppFactory 4.7.2: centralised user authentication SAML 2.0, improved offline access and other news

WIth our new AppFactory 4.7.2 you can now benefit from new features for your existing or future iOS and Android apps.

SAML 2.0: centralised and secure user access. No more multiple passwords. Imagine your employees being able to easily access all their apps and platforms thanks to the SAML authentication standard, now integrated in our apps. And all of this with high security and control. Contact us to integrate this new norm into your apps.

Network issues: we know that the internet connection might be an issue for your apps users. That’s why our iOS et Android apps have been updated with new connection and error messages icons replacing the outdated alerts.

Apple App Transport Security (ATS): Apple has postponed the app ATS compatibility requirement. This means that or now your app doesn't need to contain https links only. Select the option "Allow arbitrary load on http domains" in AppFactory 4.7.2 if you don't want your app to be ATS compatible. Please note that we recommend to be ATS compatible as it will become necessary in the future. For more information.

Piwik: our apps are now compatible with another open source analytics system: Piwik.

Title display: we’ve improved the list and gallery banner display to make them look more reader friendly. The height of the store element corresponds to the height of the image and no longer to that of the element. And all of this is now much easier to configure in Cloud Connect.

Last read: view easily your latest read documents on the top of the page, mono documents apps only.

Subscription management: depending on the user status, there are different banners displayed confirming their subscription situation. This feature is available if your apps are connected to iTunes subscription AND to an external user database.

Bespoke detailed view: it is now possible to personalise the detailed view summary (alignment, bold, underlined, italics, strike through).

Notification push from Localytics: A new engagement platforms is now available too to send push notificaitons.

Under review

how do I reset password if email has changed

bradleymhale 8 months ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Katherine (Support Tech) 8 months ago 1