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By Matthieu Kopp
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Marc Beckersjürgen 3 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 2 years ago 9
Is there a specific, "hard" technical limitation that prevents the user from zooming into AVE mag publications? Given the number of different screen sizes, being able to zoom in on a page seems like a necessity with a high priority.

Or is there a way to opt out of the fixed 1:1 zoom in AVE Mags?
Craig 3 months ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 3 months ago 1

In InDesign when I "Test" in AVE Project Manager but my project does not show up in Viewer on my iPad. If I turn off my anti-virus software "Kaspersky" it works with no problem. Is there some exe or url I need to allow Kaspersky to not block? I am on a PC Windows 10. With InDesign 2015 cc.

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typopótamo 8 months ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 8 months ago 3

When installing "InDesign Authoring" I do not load the plug-in in the folder of Aquafadas, it is empty. I send a picture.

I have InDesign CC 2017 - OS X El Capitan V. 10.11.6

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Ratima Piyalapkriangkrai 9 months ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 9 months ago 11

When I generate project, it took around one hour.

And it showed error message like this.

I would like if someone could tell me what to do

Thank you

[Sorry for my English]


Hello, I can not install the indesing authoring. I have not used the new CC2017 with aquafadas, I have gone to install it and I do not get it. The installer tells me that it has been installed, but it does not appear in indesign. I have tried with the cloud conect and downloading the installer to my computer, but without result in both cases. I tried to instl it later in indesingc CC (in 2015 it does not let me install it), where I had already been using it and it happens to me the same. The installer is running, it tells me to choose which version to install, it asks me for the admin key, it tells me that it has been installed but nothing. The indesign palette does not appear. I rebooted the computer, and nothing.

Will be answered
Chuckie 11 months ago in Content Creation • updated by Tofi 9 months ago 11

Will there be a MacOS Sierra compatible Bannerzest Pro and PulpMotion Advanced in the future?


Thanks, Benjamin, for your instructions on setting up external links. That worked beautifully. But now I would like to set up links from the table of contents page to the pages where each chapter starts. I have tried using the buttons, and supposedly setting up links to specific pages, but it did not work.

Would you please send me instructions about how to do this?

And I hope I can hear from you by noon Pacific time on Wednesday, September 14. I am on deadline with this ebook.




It is in the Menu bar options. Cannot get it to show and no documentation on it. I have a game type app which has a video on every page - I need to have a 'share to Facebook' which shares a custom link (to the youtube page) in the native app.

vincent.poirriez 1 year ago in Content Creation • updated by Francisco Javier 1 year ago 2

On my new machine, trying to register pulpmotion3.5, I get an error message from the aquafadas server. And there is no way to get an activation code.

david145 1 year ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated by Garrick Duckler 1 year ago 2

I keep getting the demo vesion