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By Matthieu Kopp
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Sotnas Design Lda 3 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Manu Brossard 3 years ago 5

Thanks for your great support!

Question our Bug? I don't know... 

I have lots of buttons associated with frames #XXXXX
I export to a DPE file...
When i import the DPE compression file, lost all references to the frames #XXXXX, because the frame with number #XXXXX don't as the same, now have another reference.

Need associated again, with picker frame action, all of my frames to the new wright reference.
Lot's of time and work lost.

Can help me with these issue?

Under review
Dynamic Clemzy 1 year ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 1 year ago 10

Hello There,

I ve got a naughty bug with sublayout in my AVE.

When i put 2 sublayout in an article the first sublayout appears in the second sublayout!

You can dl the .dpe here:

and you can have a look :

OS : Windows 10 64bits (uptodate)

Indesign: 2015.2 ( x64 uptodate)

Aquafasdas plugin : 4.0.0 (84 ) uptodate

Aquafadas viewer : iPad Air (9.2.1) 4.2.1 uptodate

Best regards,

Kirsi Ervasti 2 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated 2 years ago 2
I would like to add at the menu page of my application an on/off button for the audio. Is it possible to do that so that the state of audio files (play/stop) would change for the whole application at the same time?

I am making a story app and I would like to offer an option for the user to switch off/on the audio from the whole application. So that the user could choose whether to read by himself or listen the storytelling from the audio files placed in each page separately.

I haven't found a way to accomplish this and started to wonder if it's even possible?
I can not open MOBI preview files from Cloud Authoring on Kindle, Kindle Previewer, Calibre, or Aquafadas Viewer. The viewer simply says "Safari can't download this file". Calibre says the file isn't recognized. 

Are there any fixes for this?
Under review
Romain Duguet 1 year ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Support Tech) 1 year ago 5


J'ai ajouté 5 blocs sur ma page afin d'intégrer dans chacun d'entre eux un sous-document
distinct. Je veux pouvoir naviguer dans un document différent au travers de chacun des blocs.

Lorsque je génère le projet, seulement le bloc à l'ID la moins élevée s'affiche et son contenu (le sous-document) se duplique dans chacun des 4 autres blocs.

J'ai essayé la solution du "5 pages différentes dans un même document" en précisant
le point de départ en choisissant le numéro de page (1à 5) mais je ne veux pas laisser
la possibilité à l'utilisateur de naviguer vers les autres pages.

Ci-dessous, la mise ne page basique du système en place.

Je reprécise le problème qui que lorsque je génère cette page, la colonne 1 apparaît
dans chacune des colonnes.

Avez vous une idée du problème ? Et peut-être une solution ?

Merci à tous. Bonne soirée,