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By Matthieu Kopp

Android ›Aquafadas Viewer‹ – Wrong preview and crashes

I made an app for iOS with sublayouts and anchors. Everything is working fine. If i am watchin it in the Android version of Aquafadas Viewer (newest version) i see several errors:

  • Some vector icons (pathes in Indesign or *.eps-files) are not rendered sharp or are blurry
  • Hidden layers are shown automatically
  • The app crashes after swiping through 10–15 pages

Is that only a bug in the Viewer or will this errors be in the final Android-App too?

Sample-*.dpe file here:


Client running android magazine app

dimitri 3 months ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated 3 months ago 2

On behalf of a magazine client running android I have two questions. 

1: When they want to download their new issue, the download button reads "Free" not "Download". They find this a bit confusing. 

2: In the next step (after the "Free" button is pressed) two buttons appears saying "Cancel" and "Download". They understand the cancel option, but the download button seems superfluous. 


Dimitri Kayiambakis

Under review

BannerZest PRO - Mac Single user license

parizkova 9 months ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 9 months ago 1

I have just bought BannerZest PRO - Mac Single user license and followed the intruction for activation, but after clcking on Register, nothing happens. What now?


Android Viewer background color

Is it possible to change the background color from white to black? I think a letterbox like feeling would be better.

Under review

Test and Send via wifi problem

Virginia_Martinez 1 year ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated 1 year ago 5

I´m in the same wifi network and after sending my project nothing happened....

I´m just lost.

Not a bug

Viewer can't load document

Ian 2 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Tech Support) 1 year ago 7


I can send my document (ID) on the viewer, but when I want to open it, I can't. The message is "can't load document".

Anyone can help me ?

Thank's forward !

Not a bug

Android Viewer 4.5.4 Crash when I change the ICON on MENU BAR


Is there anyone there also experiencing this kind of application crashing?

I tried to customize the icons on Menu Bar, change them to icons that I want to.

When I want to test a sample zave file on the application (Android Viewer 4.5.4), The application suddenly got this error.


Viewer App Android

Recently (a few weeks ago) the Android Viewer App stopped opening zave files sent to it. They show up in the library, but the app crashes every time we try to open and test an issue. My testers are also experiencing the same problem.

Does a bug exist with the newest update to the Android Viewer App? Things were working well until two or three weeks ago.


my app update don´t work on android

Miguelaxon 3 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 4 weeks ago 4
hi, i have just update my app and it works on IOs, but don´t on android.
I have update the content of the app (ZAVE).

This is an app for a congress, i have two languages on it. spanish and english. The english language is on an zave enrichment. This is the part of the app that is giving me problems. when i touch it on the android viewer the app crash.



Aquafadas Viewer - Sharing in test Mode questions

Stratopac 3 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer Android • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 7
Hi, I 'm about to buy a license Monodocument but first I want to know 2 things:  

1- how many people can share files in test mode Aquafadas Viewer. We need to share files with 100 people , is it possible?   

2- When I have the license ... Monodocument files are available in test mode for 60 days in the Viewer? there any way they become available over time?  

Anyone know ? Thank you !