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By Matthieu Kopp
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Col 2 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated 2 years ago 3


Will you be releasing an 'Aquafadas Viewer' App for the new Apple TV when the App Store is launched?

It would be really great to be able to play and test my apps on the big screen and see if they would work for the Apple TV. I know a lot of apps will not work or be suitable for Apple TV, but I feel that with a few design changes here and there, my apps could work very well on the big screen.

I look forward to your reply

Many thanks


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flyte44 2 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated by Hicham Tarhini 2 years ago 1
I have tried different formats, but the video I enter and drop in always runs very choppy despite it running fine in quicktime and VLC. This is PulpMotion Advanced. PLEASE help.

bonjour suite a votre mail de ce jour 16:24 avec j'ai re- télécharger la version avec mon numéro de série - impossible encore de réaliser une diaporama cette fois il n'y a aucune thématique

voir image en pièce jointe

merci de votre retour sandrine -

Searching answer
Kyoshi Santos 1 year ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated by Benjamin Röbig 5 months ago 6

Hi guys!
Suddenly, my project in aquafadas viewer doesn't work, only black background appears, this happened after I export the project in .dpe, but I don't know if this is related.

I tried create a new project with same archive, but the error continued.

Anyone know why this happens?


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i make the last update of the viewer v3.6 in my iPad.
Now crash lot of times.
Any ideas?
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Xavier 1 year ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated 1 year ago 2


I have to update Viewer for an iPad on iOS 6.1.3, and It seems to be that the last version available for my iOS is Viewer 3.6.1.

When I want to launch it, I can see that screen (reduce view) and it crashed systematically.

Is there any possibility to download and old version?



Col 1 year ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 1 year ago 3

Hi there

I see that there have been a few software updates recently, with what looks like lots of bug fixes, this is great news.

However, I do not see the update in the Viewer for iOS App. I know I can use the Simulator, but this is not a realistic representation of what actually happens on devices.

When do you think the Viewer App update will be available to test these new bug fixes?



Adam Niewiadomski 2 years ago in Content Creation / Aquafadas Viewer iOS • updated by debee rommel 2 years ago 6
I have problems with sending ZAVE file to the client for review. I do it just like it is presented in webinar (I used to do in that way for over 2 years and there were no problems). Below is the link to the ZAVE file (placed on Dropbox) which can not be opened by the Aquafadas Viewer on my clients iPad:


When my client want to open that link on his iPad clicking on that directly in the email, the Aquafadas Viewer show information "Unable to decompress the file". Below is the link to the Viewer screen with that info:

Could anyone try to open that link with that zave file on your iPad and check if it starts to download?

Best Regards

Adam Niewiadomski
Project Manager

Alidea Publishing House
Nowogrodzka Street 31
00-511 Warsaw

anonymous 2 years ago
Hi Adam,

You are correct. It seems that the Dropbox method is no longer working.
I ran a few tests to find out what still might work.
As a disclaimer, we do say that Dropbox is OK for testing, but should never be used to host your actual ZAVE, for this exact reason. We have no affiliation with Dropbox and cannot ensure this method will always work.

You should also note that since we updated the viewer from MyKiosk to the Aquafadas Viewer, you can also use this:
aqviewer:// instead of my kiosk://

You can still use a url from a ZAVE hosted in your public folder. These files automatically download, so there is no need to switch a 0 for a 1. You just need to copy the public link:

We will continue to monitor this.
Thanks for pointing this out!