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By Matthieu Kopp

Preview kiosk

Giorgio 3 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 3
How can I see a preview of my kiosk made with AppFactory iOS?

iTunes connect Error (Api file too big)

Hi all. Today I try to submit a single App to iTunes Store, but iTunes connect continue to give me an error.
I have a screenshot but it's in Italian: translation is something like "Analys API file is too big. We aren't able to convalidate API before distribution. This is only a info message".
(forget the first line, it's because to replied the Ripa again).

AVE file is 198 MB and the final IPA is 232 MB size. This is not so much I think, isn't it?
Someone can help me?
Tnx in advance


Why iOS 8 Means Big Changes for Publishing Apps

With the 2014 keynote presentation just a few days behind us, the arrival of iOS 8 today caps Apple’s biggest week of the year. Though the new OS will not bring with it a redesigned UI as 7 did, there are some significant updates and improvements under the hood—changes that will affect app creation and digital publishing alike.

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Do I need another license for Google Play?

David Johnson 2 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 years ago 6

I have my App Certificate and Issue License for my magazine app. I used my issue license to release the Apple version. Can I add the Android version to that same license or do I need another license to create APK files?


Are you still supporting My Comics for IPAD. I think it needs an update for iOS 7.

Since I updated my IPAD to iOS 7:00 MyComics application is not working correctly. It takes longer to show a page clearly and it return to previously read pages. I love your application and I noticed that you have not updated since 2011.  

App ios version do not start with out internet connection

Ersan Yaraskan 3 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Manu Brossard 1 year ago 9
Hi,  Our first app working properly with or without internet connection but 2 app of us do not start without internet conneciton on ios version how to fix that ? 

App Factory IOS not showing certificate

Can you tell me how i can install additional Profile and Certificate for App Factory?
I tried the following and it won't show up.
1) I have a enterprise certificate and mobile provisioning file.
2) I installed the certificate in the Key Chain Access.
3) After installing i can see the certificate displaying properly on Xcode.

4) But if i open App Factory IOS and try to sign in it won't show the enterprise certificate which i just installed. Restarted app as well. Checked all the possible options in the dropdown.

So what additional steps i need to follow after i install a new certificate so that it shows up and i can certify an app?

next-gen app creation

Hi, when will there be documentation on creation Next-Gen Apps from cloud connect?

I can see you create it buy pressing new store model but after that i'm not sure what to do or where to retrieve my 'key' from


App Factory IOS 3.6.1

Armando 2 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Mike Lohrman 2 years ago 4
Hi. When the AppFactory IOS 3.6.1 will be released? We continue having troubles with Google Analytics. Thanks

how to get my provisioning profiles into xcode?

xcode window is just blank. No library? I have no idea about xcode just following videos? Xcode is 6.2 on a mac.