I can't erase my test publication ?

Hubert 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 years ago 6

Hi everyone,

i can't erase a test publication i've done in the Cloud Connect back office. I haven't activated the licences neither so where i've gone wrong ? Did anybody experienced the same issue ?

Thanks for your help.

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has your issue under test been created with Batch processing ?

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Sorry if i've made a mistake by choosing the category but NO it's a publication made with the indesign plug-in.


A test issue can be deleted without any problem. Are you sure that your issue was not in production for some time and then back to test mode?

An issue that was on production could not be deleted and give the error you sent.

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Aquafadas Support

Actually, i'm not 100% sure because i'm not the only one who have access to this account. But in the other hand, i'm pretty sure i haven't done it myself ! Is it possible for you to check this ?

I've a similar problem with another publication (of the same collection) which has been published nearly one year ago. I've installed the dpe on my mac and made some modifications. When i try to delete the project in the project manager i've got this message :

Two strange issues in fact !

Two strange issues in fact on the same work ! Something wrong in the specifications of the account maybe?


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