Poll: what would you think of a function " private circle" ?

Hubert 2 years ago in Distribution & Marketing 0


Sorry for my poor english. This is a google translate traduction.

I've just finished conducting a BtoB brochure. My client (a communication agency) is rather pleased with the level of enrichment offered by Aquafadas tools. By cons, on the mode of distribution, he finds that the Adobe DPS solution is much more flexible.

Let me explain. We had to create an Apple Developer Company account, create an application, create a secure Web site to distribute the application and a tutorial to explain how to install the signed application ... In short, lots of steps and costs for providing a brochure to about twenty salers ...

The advantage of this solution is that we have been able to offer a customized application. The flipside is that this benefit does not justify the additional costs which are not negligible and the process to install this type of application is not very user-friendly!

My client had already produced a similar brochure with Adobe DPS for which he just gave me the password of his account. In the application "Adobe Viewer" (free on AppStore like Aquafadas Viewer), I have been able to return his ID and access the file to download. A less elegant but less expensive solution that approximates what Pandasuite did with his "private circles" and Origami with its "Channels".

Hence this little survey that I submit to the user community about whether this kind of development seems relevant? Would you be willing to pay for this kind of functionality that would simply distribute zaves to restricted target?

This would also facilitate I think the work of independent agencies and exchanging files zave with their customers. The idea is to be able to connect to their account in the viewer (that already exists of course) and then you can download files that are posted in the back office Cloud Connect.

A somewhat less elegant option could be that Aquafadas significantly raises the validity period (to one year like the licence validity) of installed zaves for which a license was bought and released ...

Thank you in advance for your (many) responses.
Have a good day.