Error: Invalid Identity

Giorgio 3 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 7
On AppFactory iOS when i click "Tools" > "Generate Aquafadas Viewer" > "Export ipa" the software show an error: "Error: Invalid Identity".
I would like to know the reason of this message.
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In order to use this method you must make a bundle id in your developer account. Then you need to make Provisioning profiles for that bundle ID.
If you just want to install the viewer on your device you can get it from the Apple Store.
Thank you Rob.
I have followed your passage but the error persist.
I don't understand if Bundle ID and App ID are the same.
I think the Bundle ID is correct because it doesn't show me any error.
The error pops up when the exporting just started.

This error means the profile does not corresponds to the certificate in your keychain.
I have resolved the problem but now the file .ipa on ipad doesn't show my icon or startup but the standard aquafadas viewer.

That is because you generated a new Viewer, not your own App. To Generate the file you have open you need to have a license and then you can make an IPA for your device.
Please see this video:
Ok, thank you so much