Is it possible to test the app create with AppFactory before purchase an aquafadas license?

Hélène Hofbauer 3 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by Manu Brossard 1 year ago 5
Hélène, you can build projects, compile them, and test them in the Aquafadas Viewer app before purchasing a license.
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No it isn't possible to export an application from AppFactory before purchasing an application license.
Do you want to test because you want to know how a template behaves and looks like on a real tablet ?
If that is the case, tell me which templates you are interested in and I can send you the links of apps available on the App Store.

Mike you are mixing app and content. A zave file is not an app.
I want to be sure everything is ok (app included) before purshasing a license. No bug,... I plan to use the Elegant Kiosk.

May be you can answer my last issue unanswered. Does publishing licence expire after one year? Rob said "no it's forever" but aquafadas.com say 365days. So, if i buy 12 AVE Publishing licenses must I use them in the year?

Sorry Manuel, I misread her question.