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Dear all

I have a problem with AVE Interactivity. After I installed plug-in , AVE project manager can open normal but when I start to use AVE Interactivity, it doesn't work. I selected frame but the window of AVE Interactivity also still be like this, the interactivity button won't come.

Would you please tell me what to solve this problem.

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Please provide us the following information:

- InDesign and Aquafadas plugin versions installed on your computer.

- OS version.

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I have the same problem :(

I can't install the last version because I have an error (Error -8995 Database connection failed) I posted a subject but nobody replie. And now when I use my Aquafadas, the interactivity is not available.

OS 10.10.5

Aquafadas 1.1.6
Indesign CS6 (8.1)

Hello Martine,

You will have to update Aquafadas Connect manually.

Use the following link to download it, then drop it to your Applications folder :


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Hi Jerome,

The manuel update has worked. But the interactivity still not working. :(


OS 10.10.5
Aquafadas 1.2

Indesign CS (8.1)



I seem to have the same problem, interactivity is not working

I'm working with InDesign CS6

OS 10.12.1

Aquafadas 4.4.3

I have reinstalled Aquafadas, and I have the update but it still not working.Also I've tried to work with Indesign CC 2015.

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Hello all,

We discovered a bug with CS6 + our plugin, it will be fixed in the upcoming version (4.5).

Just a quick reminder though, the next "major" version of our plugin, containing the UI update, will not be compatible with versions of Indesign CC 2014 (this is due to Adobe moving forward).

I will keep you posted when the update goes live.

Kind regards,


Aquafadas Support

Hi Kevin,

Has this problem been fixed yet?

I'm working on Adobe CS6+ with OS 10.12.4 and installed Aquafadas 4.6.0 but I still can't see the interactivity button when selecting a frame.

Can you please help?