IPA Generation ERROR on App Factory

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Why generated error on app factory ios? And Tell me How to generate ipa?

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You have 2 certificates in your keychain with the same name. So AppFactory doesn't know which one to choose.

Check on Apple developer and delete the one that you don't need.

I don't know it's correct.

How to check certificate?

Now,I have a certificate.It is error.


To fix this issue:

  • open a terminal in the directory where your appfactory project is located
  • type in "xattr -rc" followed by your appfactory filename (you can press tab for autocompletion)
  • press enter

This should clean extended attributes from your project, allowing you to generate your IPA. This is an XCode 8 restriction.

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Excuse me,I can't Generate IPA. It's error.

And I Export to simulator. It's not show icon app.

How to edit for Generate IPA

Please help me.

Thank you very much.