AppFactory 4.7.2: centralised user authentication SAML 2.0, improved offline access and other news

Allison Reber (Communication Director) 8 months ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated 8 months ago 1

WIth our new AppFactory 4.7.2 you can now benefit from new features for your existing or future iOS and Android apps.

SAML 2.0: centralised and secure user access. No more multiple passwords. Imagine your employees being able to easily access all their apps and platforms thanks to the SAML authentication standard, now integrated in our apps. And all of this with high security and control. Contact us to integrate this new norm into your apps.

Network issues: we know that the internet connection might be an issue for your apps users. That’s why our iOS et Android apps have been updated with new connection and error messages icons replacing the outdated alerts.

Apple App Transport Security (ATS): Apple has postponed the app ATS compatibility requirement. This means that or now your app doesn't need to contain https links only. Select the option "Allow arbitrary load on http domains" in AppFactory 4.7.2 if you don't want your app to be ATS compatible. Please note that we recommend to be ATS compatible as it will become necessary in the future. For more information.

Piwik: our apps are now compatible with another open source analytics system: Piwik.

Title display: we’ve improved the list and gallery banner display to make them look more reader friendly. The height of the store element corresponds to the height of the image and no longer to that of the element. And all of this is now much easier to configure in Cloud Connect.

Last read: view easily your latest read documents on the top of the page, mono documents apps only.

Subscription management: depending on the user status, there are different banners displayed confirming their subscription situation. This feature is available if your apps are connected to iTunes subscription AND to an external user database.

Bespoke detailed view: it is now possible to personalise the detailed view summary (alignment, bold, underlined, italics, strike through).

Notification push from Localytics: A new engagement platforms is now available too to send push notificaitons.