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Benjamin Röbig 6 months ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Support Tech) 6 months ago 1

Hi, after the AppFactory 4.7.2 update, there are some mistakes:

1. One category and a sub-category do not appear in the app created with 4.7.2.

2. There is a very slow/buggy reaction in CloudConnect after doin some changes. Clicking on one of my categories (here for examples category A), it happens several things. Sometimes i see nothing filled in, sometimes i see the content of category B although i clicked on category A (and vice versa) and sometimes everything seems correct.

3. The Reference in the Image, List and Spotlight banner do not appear or appears after 30–60 seconds if the Type is set to ›Category: displays the …‹.

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Under review


We are aware of a potential slowdown of some SQL queries, notably around categories. Our dev teams are currently investigating the issue.

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