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How to change our Picture on the "Clients" Website from Aquafadas?

Vassilis 5 months ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated 5 months ago 2


I would like to ask something. I just found out, that Aquafadas is using the company i am working for as a Reference. We are not happy with the pictures they choosed, cause its not showing our app in a good way.

Do you have any idea how to change this picture or who should I contact and send him a better one(same size/typ) so they can change it ?

link: https://www.aquafadas.com/references/

I am sure, many of us had this problem.

Thank you,


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I am forwarding your request to the marketing dept., they will contact you soon.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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Rakuten Aquafadas Support

Hello Kevin,

thank you for the reply.

Actually, I created by mistake a second account. I am talking about the Company "wortundform". ( link: https://www.aquafadas.com/references/imspiel/ ). So can you send the Email to the Adress "gnaier@wortundform.de", on that account we uploaded our imSpiel-App.

Thank you,

Vassilis Samatidis