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Hi, My inDesign CS6 under Mac OS X El Capitan is crashing all the time. I uninstalled Aquafadas authoring tools, and it's now working, but I need to complete a project, so what can I do to make these tools works properly?

Thanks in advance.

This is an Adobe issue and not Aquafadas. It is a known issue that won't be fixed any time soon, it at all.

InDesign CS6 is not compatible with El Capitan and Adobe no longer support it CS6.

The three options you have are:

1. Uninstall El Capitan and instead I nstall Mavericks.

2. Upgrade InDesign to CC

3. Put up with the crashes.

I am currently putting up with the crashes until my project is finished.



In InDesign is mentioned that Aquafadas ID authoring does not support ID CC6 ? does it support ID CC5?

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