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By Matthieu Kopp
Matteo Discardi 3 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Vincent@ElectricNews 2 years ago 11
When I write, InDesign Plug-in is in version 3.5.5. Everything goes fine but I have some two little question for future (maybe 3.6 or 4).
First, into the Action (on Button) please make something like "myself" instead of frame picker, so I can give an action to a frame and copy and paste them many times, without rewrite any ID. Myself is Myself.
Second, a way to command slideshow to show "next" slide or "previous", not only a specific number.
This help me a lot :)

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Electric Valery 2 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Hubert 2 years ago 5
Dans Origami il existe la possibilité de boucler un sous document, c'est à dire de le faire défiler en continu... D'ailleurs cette possibilité de boucle infinie serait top aussi dans le diaporama en mode défilement... ;)
Ria Sandilands 3 years ago in Content Creation 0
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Cédric Malet (Marketing Director) 3 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by design 1 year ago 2

With the new resizable text feature you can make buttons on the page or in the menu so that App users can increase and decrease the size of the text within an App.

1. You make a new text frame in InDesign that contains text.

2. You can make buttons that allows the user to make the text bigger and smaller.

Additionally, you can make menu items that can increase or decrease the size.
These are added in Project Settings > AVE > Menu Bar.

The resize channel for zoom/unzoom buttons only controls text from same channel. In the action zoom in / out, you can choose the channel affected. (In the menu bar, you don't have the is option, it only controls channel 0).

These are the custom buttons in the menu.

3. Once you have setup the Resizable Text frames, you can test them in the Aquafadas Viewer.



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Terry Converse 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 years ago 1

-- using El Capitan, the SAVE and SAVE AS function doesn't work. Also FACEBOOK export to work

Ria Sandilands 3 years ago in Content Creation • updated by Vincent@ElectricNews 3 years ago 1
The Features Comparison gives a simple breakdown of exactly which features from the Aquafadas system are compatible with apps, ePubs and Kindle Fire 8.

Features Comparison
Guerrillatv Trevor Marriott 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 2
I found the online help forums to be of great assistance

The video tutorials are great as well (some need slight updating to match the updated xcode, iTunesconnect sites) but any of the hurdles or spots I go stuck on were answered in the forums section.

Nice work Rob
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Luis Torrente 1 year ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Manu Brossard 1 year ago 2

Aquafadas is currently working on creating a new inDesign tools palette, and it could be a good idea to share the ideas and suggestions of all the designers that use the plugin, that can help to programmers to create a better and kindly palette.

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Aaron Johnson 1 year ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by alen prot 1 year ago 10

I have added the UUID of my device to the list of test devices on aquafadas, but I still get an error that the test device has not been added. Not sure where to go from here. Please advise if you have a possible solution.




Lorsque je programme un push et qu'il n'a pas encore été envoyé, je n'ai aucun moyen de le supprimer or cela était possible auparavant.

Je ne peux pas cliquer sur le bouton "action".

Pouvez-vous réactiver cette fonctionnalité ?

Je vous remercie par avance de votre aide/retour.

Bien cordialement.