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Jeni Fallone 2 years ago in PulpMotion • updated by Diouf 12 months ago 36

Hi - I reported this previously but have had no response, since el capitan came out I have been unable to save any changes or create and save any new presentations. can you please advise when this bug will be fixed - the options are there and not greyed out but nothing happens when I choose them therefore the software is rendered useless. I tried using the submit bug/support function within the app but this also failed. Please help!

solarionas 11 months ago in BannerZest • updated by snoopyst 7 months ago 14

BannerZest 4 and Pro does not work with Sierra.

You can't drag and drop image to work with.

Is there any fix for this?

Jeni Fallone 2 years ago in PulpMotion • updated by Joe Savage 1 year ago 6

Following installation of the new version 3.6.1 to avoid the 'cannot save in el Capitan' bug, the application no longer allows me to insert video files. I have tried mp4, m4v and mov clips, I have tried longer clips, shorter clips and have tried to check it is not an issue with the file size/format/durations but all of them just don't insert and the application displays a message 'Setting up Media 1/1 for insertion...' but the task never completes.

Having waited over 4 months for the bug fix to allow saving of files so a quick turnaround for this would be great - this was not a cheap product to purchase and I have been unable to use if for quite some time now so any support is much appreciated.



Rafael Inigo Pavlovich 2 years ago in BannerZest • updated by iggy 2 years ago 14
Have downloaded from apple and what i see is that the app is very unstable, it collapses then when reopens does not link the files dragged yo the media area nor remembers the FTP server data, So I have to reload everything every time. Need help ASAP
Adriano 1 year ago in BannerZest 0

Bom Dia

Eu tive que formatar meu sistema operacional e usado Windows 7 e Windows agora instalados 8.1, preciso reinstalar BannerZest.
musiberti 1 year ago in Motion Composer • updated 1 year ago 2

MotionComposser (1.84) is not working anymore. It says " Your Version of Flash Player is too old for MotionComposer (10.3.183)". But I have the newest Flash version running on 10.11.6.

I fear that MotionComposer is too old for Flash. It needs an update.

Agostino Monti 4 weeks ago in PulpMotion • updated 2 days ago 11
gapos 4 months ago in PulpMotion 0

Is there such a thing as version 3.6.0? I am using 3.5 with MacOSX 10.9.5 (yes I know its old, but works great) but it keeps crashing on me, So I tried to upgrade to 3.6.1 and it crashes even more, plus I cannot find the templates for the book layouts that I used to use.  Is there a version in between these? 3.6.0? if so where can I download it and test it, thanks.

gapos 4 months ago in PulpMotion 0

No!!!!! I can't believe you are dropping PulpMotion Advance! Its the best photo integration software for turning my photos into a video! Any alternatives or options of anyone taking over this app?  I have used it daily for the last six years!