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Jeni Fallone 1 year ago in PulpMotion • updated by Diouf 6 months ago 36

Hi - I reported this previously but have had no response, since el capitan came out I have been unable to save any changes or create and save any new presentations. can you please advise when this bug will be fixed - the options are there and not greyed out but nothing happens when I choose them therefore the software is rendered useless. I tried using the submit bug/support function within the app but this also failed. Please help!

solarionas 6 months ago in BannerZest • updated by snoopyst 2 months ago 14

BannerZest 4 and Pro does not work with Sierra.

You can't drag and drop image to work with.

Is there any fix for this?

Jeni Fallone 1 year ago in PulpMotion • updated by Joe Savage 7 months ago 6

Following installation of the new version 3.6.1 to avoid the 'cannot save in el Capitan' bug, the application no longer allows me to insert video files. I have tried mp4, m4v and mov clips, I have tried longer clips, shorter clips and have tried to check it is not an issue with the file size/format/durations but all of them just don't insert and the application displays a message 'Setting up Media 1/1 for insertion...' but the task never completes.

Having waited over 4 months for the bug fix to allow saving of files so a quick turnaround for this would be great - this was not a cheap product to purchase and I have been unable to use if for quite some time now so any support is much appreciated.



Rafael Inigo Pavlovich 2 years ago in BannerZest • updated by iggy 1 year ago 14
Have downloaded from apple and what i see is that the app is very unstable, it collapses then when reopens does not link the files dragged yo the media area nor remembers the FTP server data, So I have to reload everything every time. Need help ASAP
Adriano 8 months ago in BannerZest 0

Bom Dia

Eu tive que formatar meu sistema operacional e usado Windows 7 e Windows agora instalados 8.1, preciso reinstalar BannerZest.
musiberti 8 months ago in Motion Composer • updated 8 months ago 2

MotionComposser (1.84) is not working anymore. It says " Your Version of Flash Player is too old for MotionComposer (10.3.183)". But I have the newest Flash version running on 10.11.6.

I fear that MotionComposer is too old for Flash. It needs an update.

suwannee read 1 month ago in BannerZest • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 3 weeks ago 3

could you pleas refund me money back as it doesn't work on my Mac

Dale Garrison 2 months ago in BannerZest • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 months ago 1

I have BannerZest 4.03. On two occasions I have been blocked by different web hosts after using BannerZest and trying to upload a slideshow. Apparently BannerZest's FTP operation trips the server firewall and my IP or something gets blocked, with the result that I can no longer access the site, the control panel or anything! The first host "white labeled" me and I'm trying to get that done now on the second. It seems that BannerZest's FTP is prone to do this. I use several other FTP applications and have never experienced this.

gapos 3 months ago in PulpMotion 0

Hi, Love using Pulpmotion Advance 3.5 on my iMac 10.9.5, My canvas size is 1920 x 1080 HD. When I add a video to my timeline, it looks DISTORTED like if it was 4:3 ratio. How should I export my Quicktime movie, what settings or dimensions, so that it appears NORMAL in Pulpmotion? Because I want to maintain the HD quality of my video.