Not a bug
Stephen Rowe 1 year ago in BannerZest • updated by Sid Barrett 10 months ago 12

Running MAC OS Sierra 10.12. Software loads, window opens but cannot drag and drop ANY media to get started. No other options available as all are shaded out until media is added.

Hello Stephen,

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience and the delay.

We are currently updating BannerZest for MacOS 10.12 Sierra.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,


Thank you Jerome for your feedback, I will wait patiently for the update but please remember, the app was purchased today (18th October) and there was no indication of any OS issues when I purchased it. I will give good feedback if it is resolved promptly and negative feedback if it is not resolved promptly. The matter rests in your hands. Kind Regards Steve


We are currently testing a new BannerZest Pro version made for Sierra.

You may download it and test it on your side.


It is not the official release yet but it solves Sierra most important issues.
Do not hesitate to post us your feedback.

Thank you again for your patience,

Aquafadas support.

My Mac will not allow me to download the 'beta'. Error message says the download is not by a recognized author.

leaving the app box open on the screen with the error message, go to > settings > security. You will see a box telling you that your mac settings will only open apps from recognised developers and the app store. there is a box there the says "open anyway" click it

When can we expect the official release of the BannerZest Pro version made of Sierra Mac?

Jerome, thank you for the beta version. I need a serial number to open it.


Serial number was sent to you by email.

Kind regards,


Thank you Stephen, that worked for opening it that one time, however, when I closed it a huge question mark appears on its face, and the app will not open on its own.

I did test it while I had it open, and it works......super!