Dale Garrison 8 months ago in BannerZest • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 8 months ago 1

I have BannerZest 4.03. On two occasions I have been blocked by different web hosts after using BannerZest and trying to upload a slideshow. Apparently BannerZest's FTP operation trips the server firewall and my IP or something gets blocked, with the result that I can no longer access the site, the control panel or anything! The first host "white labeled" me and I'm trying to get that done now on the second. It seems that BannerZest's FTP is prone to do this. I use several other FTP applications and have never experienced this.


Thank you for your feedback.

This could be due to the BannerZest FTP process, it could indeed be considered as dangerous by some servers.

We will report it to our developers.

Meanwhile, you may export your project to a local folder, then upload it to your FTP server using an external FTP client such as FileZilla.

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