We are no longer market software like PulpMotion

Allison Reber (Communication Director) 6 months ago in PulpMotion • updated by Jasman 2 months ago 3

We are no longer market software like PulpMotion. It's been one of the first desktop apps created by Aquafadas but today our key focus are digital publishing and enterprise apps creation. We apologise for any inconvenience and we'd like to thank our community of users for their loyalty.


Allison, I understand every business moves on and needs to retire products as they grow, just wondering if there's a way to provide a key or other mechanism to let those of us with previously purchased copies of PulpMotion continue to use it when we get new computers?  I have a newer machine that I'm unable to install PulpMotion on because of PulpMotion's license. The email address I used to register it no longer exists and the Aquafadas site doesn't provide a way to change it. I left a message on your forums a few months ago (see: http://answers.aquafadas.com/topics/4827-cant-install-pulpmotion-on-my-new-imac/) but nobody has followed up. Is there someone there who can help? I have looked for years and there really is no other truly comparable software.

Thank you!

-John Roads

Good Luck, John. I made the same request a year ago and got no response from Aquafadas. Thanking us for our loyalty is a nice gesture, but it should be noted that loyalty is a two-way street. We are asking nothing more than to be able to USE the software we purchased — that helped Aquafadas grow and prosper.