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Daan 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Darrin McCarthy 1 year ago 3
Hi there! Some years ago, I bought several Aquafadas desktop apps, one of them being iDive. It was not overly cheap but it did exactly what I was looking for: allow me to make a light-weight, visual archive of older video material.

However, even though iDive is still mentioned on the website (if one is determined to find it - it is well hidden), the most recent update was back in early 2011 - almost 4 years ago. In Apple parlance, that means also 4 operating system versions ago.

(NB: actually, I can only submit this feedback by choosing a category that perfectly reflects iDive's status, as iDive, or the Desktop Apps category, is not included in the popup. I have therefore selected a different, 'wrong' category in order to be able to submit this text.)

While iDive still seems to function on 10.10 Yosemite, it shows its age and badly needs a refresh/update. Are there any plans to do so, or is it Aquafadas' policy to let iDive slowly bleed to death?

Thanks in advance for responding.

A one-time quite happy Aquafadas customer.

Hey Daan,

I was wondering that same thing. No updates, no support, and no answers. Run away from iDive quickly and don't invest time into the abandonware. Even when you try to update the app, it updates and when it restarts, it repudiates to the same updated app. What a mess! I have moved on. I will never support this company again, and will let anyone know in my industry of work. Oh, and who sells software without letting the customer ask questions about basic issues. No wonder they haven't updated the app.


Under review


iDive is not yet compatible with El Capitan, as specified in its requirements.


However, we are currently enhancing our desktop apps and are sure you will be able to appreciate it again very shortly.



Do you have an estimate on when the El Cap version will be done? I'm ready to move on to another product.