Under review
graeme.humphrey 4 months ago in Content Creation • updated by info 3 months ago 3

I have recently upgraded and am disappointed to find Pulpmotion no longer works

Under review


Unfortunately we did not yet made our decision about updating PulpMotion.

The project is currently being studied.

We will update you about it as soon as possible.

Kind regards,



Two years is not enough time to decide to update o cancel Pulpmotion?.

You are taking it easy my friend.

Why don´t you let die the project and let the people choose another more serious app?

It seems Aquafadas has found another way to earn money with the digital publishing, more money, and this It is perfectly understandable.

Please don´t cheats us more.


Such a shame.

PulpMotion was quite useful and in addition to working with Sierra, only needed more themes for more variety. Now it seems all hope is lost.