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By Matthieu Kopp

Google Analytics for HTML5 web output

We have successfully integrated Google Analytics with our ZAVE outputs and the mobile application. I wonder if it is possible to achieve similar integration with the HTML outputs. I have pasted the Google Analytics script into the index.html generated by the plugin. Is there another configuration that I am missing to collect data?


Many Downloads from Countries like China, Japan, USA

Vassilis 8 months ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated 8 months ago 1


I have a question and I would be glad if someone of you have the same issue and help me. We created a football magazin with Aquafadas.

I noticed that about the half downloads come from countries like China, Japan, USA. But the App is on german language.

Do you think these are bots or do you have any other idea? Is it possible, that the person who lives in Germany bought the device from china and now he is counted as a chinese user?

Thank you! :)



How to change our Picture on the "Clients" Website from Aquafadas?

Vassilis 8 months ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 3


I would like to ask something. I just found out, that Aquafadas is using the company i am working for as a Reference. We are not happy with the pictures they choosed, cause its not showing our app in a good way.

Do you have any idea how to change this picture or who should I contact and send him a better one(same size/typ) so they can change it ?


I am sure, many of us had this problem.

Thank you,



Crashes in the middle of rendering

MichaelJ 9 months ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated 9 months ago 1

Current version of Pulpmotion, updated today, crashes in the middle of an Export. 110 still photos, Carousel theme. Media is assembled successfully, but 240 frames into at 3800-frame render, the application stops rendering, freezes, and must be Force-Quit. Pulpmotion cannot be re-started, the computer must be rebooted. The saved Pulpmotion configuration file is deleted.


Android Permissions

davidart 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 12 months ago 4

Can you tell me how to remove the request for permissions from my Google Play app? It is not my intention to request any personal data from users but the app is apparently asking. I need to either post a "privacy policy" or opt out. I would just like to remove the requests and opt out. I don't see where these setting are.


mi código de activación no me funciona

germain1961 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 12 months ago 3
Under review

Aquafadas Plug-in | macOS sierra – does it work? without any problems?

marvin.knabe 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 1 year ago 1


we are still working on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6. Now we do want to setup our OS to macSierra. Does Aquafadas support macOS sierra?


pricing on website

Mike Lohrman 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Kevin MARHIC (Tech Support) 1 year ago 5

The store doesn't appear to be working on the Aquafadas website, will it be up soon? Where can we access pricing until it's back up? Thanks.

Under review

Identifiant publicitaire IDFA

Hubert 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 1 year ago 2


après la cryptographie, voici la nouvelle question posée lors de la soumission d'une application (kiosque NextGen light) sur l'Appstore :
Cette app utilise-t-elle un identifiant publicitaire IDFA ?

Si quelqu'un pouvait me donner la réponse rapidement, ce serait vraiment formidable ! Je pensais soumettre l'application ce soir...

Bonne soirée à tous et bon week-end.


Under review

Tracking de conversion google adwords

Hélène Hofbauer 1 year ago in Distribution & Marketing • updated by Manu Brossard 1 year ago 1


nous songeons à réaliser une campagne de promotion google adwords pour faire connaitre notre application.

Le système aquafadas permet-il d'assurer un suivi des conversions IOS pour ce genre de campagne?