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By Matthieu Kopp

Problème publication BannerZest

JF LABIAUSSE 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 6

La version 4 de BannerZest pose problème au niveau de la publication aussi bien sous Mountain Lion que Yosemite.

Lorsque j'arrive après de nombreuses tentatives à me connecter à mon serveur et à publier ma bannière, l'application plante lorsque je tente d'ouvrir l'onglet pour afficher le code HTML qui me permettra d'afficher ma bannière sous Sandvox. (tout ceci uniquement possible sous Mountain Lion)

Je précise que j'utilisais avant la version 3 sans problème et que mes paramètres de connexion sont toujours les mêmes.

Merci de voir ces problèmes car j'ai l'impression d'avoir dépensé de l'argent pour rien.


Subscription URLs for Newsstand

Alex Hurst 3 years ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated by anonymous 3 years ago 3
I am in the final stages of my app design and am trying to figure out the various links required by the app... Most recently, the Subscription URLs for the Wired Kiosk. Could someone tell me what kind of link needs to go in the two link fields?


Content update

Luca Chiavegato 3 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Manu Brossard 3 years ago 2
How many Times can i update a singol issue app

Advanced Push Notification asset

MerceR 3 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 4
Where I can find a tutorial in order to set-up the Advanced Push Notification asset?

Thank You


Upload Problem in embedded zave iTunes

There is a Problem when i'm trying to upload an embedded zave for iPad in appfactory 3.5.1

"Dear developer,
We have discovered one or more issues with your recent delivery for "Film Directory". To process your delivery, the following issues must be corrected:
This bundle is invalid - The file extension must be .zip.
Once these issues have been corrected, you can then redeliver the corrected binary.
The App Store team"

Can you give us a hint?


Next-Gen App creation

nath 2 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Jerome [Aquafadas] 2 years ago 2

Hi, when will there be documentation on creation Next-Gen Apps and store models from cloud connect?




Where to paste my Zave URLs

David Johnson 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Hicham Tarhini 2 years ago 7

Trying to find the place to paste my Zave URLs. The video says go to Cloud Connect > Publish but my screen looks different than the video. I think I may have missed something. This is for my client Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide.


Where to get AVE file certificate (.zavec) when creating an AVE Reader app?

I am following this document and this video for creating the AVE Reader app.
In the video it says i need to download the .zavec file from the download section. 

Under publish i don't see any download section in cloud connect.

Now in the document it says i can download from the AVE file tab. But this is not a remote app so i don't have a Zave file configured in cloud connect. Neither the video tutorial tells me to do so. So where do i get the .zavec file for AppFactory IOS?

Mac Connect > Home > Get Started always spins

TLMurray 3 years ago in Content Publication / Cloud Connect • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 2
The image pretty much says it all and it spins seemingly forever. Functionally everything else seems to be okay, but I started using this only today.


Hi, good afternoon

We´re trying to check the number of apps downloaded and the number of issues per app. ¿Is that possible? ¿Can we implement a code in the "download" button"?. We can´t find this data on your analitics system.

Thank you very much