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By Matthieu Kopp
Not a bug

Google play n'accepte pas la mise à jour de mon application Android pour passer un kiosque next gen


je tente de soumettre la nouvelle version de mon application (kiosque next gen) au store google play. Mais celui-ci m'affiche le message d'erreur suivant :

Que puis-je faire?

Bien à vous,



ATS - App Transport Security https requirement in 2017 iOS Apps

Hi Aquafadas-Team,

Apple starts to require https only connections for Apps that are updated in 2017. Are the current aquafadas tools ready for this update or do we need to wait for an updated version? (In our case, we use your hosting of the contained issues).


unspecified manifest data

cara.thompson 1 year ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated 1 year ago 3

I'm trying to update an app. The app factory shows that we have the license, but when I run it on the simulator, it says "unspecified manifest data". Any clues?

Under review

Updating app- new new ave certificate?

cara.thompson 1 year ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated 1 year ago 3

I'm helping a student update her app. When I brought in the new save, the ave certificate changed from a check to an x. How do I updated thAT?


Spotlight ordre d'affichage

Comment afficher de façon systématique la dernière parution ?



Dans votre Store Model, sélectionnez votre Spotlight et basculez le type sur "Title" (Titre), et sélectionnez le titre dont vous voulez afficher la dernière publication (cf capture):

Le spotlight affichera alors toujours la dernière publication disponible pour le titre concerné.

Ceci répond-il à votre demande?



Support Aquafadas


Numéro sur deux mois dans le kiosque

phteyssier 1 year ago in Content Publication / AppFactory // Next Gen App • updated 1 year ago 8

Dans le Kiosque sous la vignette de la couverture s'affiche le mois et l'année de la parution.

Nous avons un numéro décembre 2016-janvier 2017, comme faire ?

Une idée ?


Audio autostart issue

I am updating an app from iPad only to add iPhone but my build now does not autostart the audio tracks when the page is entered. What could be causing this? When I test in Viewer, all is fine but when I test the Release version - you now have to hit the play button to make the audio run. It wasn't true in the previous version - even now when I load it.


Appfactory for iOS 4.6.3 can't find Xcode 8.1

I have updated Xcode to 8.1 and since Appfactory for iOS 4.6.3 has an error telling that it can't find Xcode.

I have already opened and close Xcode since I updated it.


AppFactory 4.6.3 does not start

Hi,when I'm trying to start AppFactory 4.6.3, an Error Message occurs.

Error while detecting Xcode version.

I had already updated latest version of Xcode (8.1) and also opened it.

How can I open AppFactory 4.6.3?


Question about updating the .ipa file after license expires

Hi again,

Can I still update my app's icon and startup/loading screens (but still with the same version of appFactory) after my Single Document App License expires?

If not, do I need to purchase another Single Plan? Or can I just purchase 1 iOS app license?

Thank you.