Tracking Events in HTML and When the device is Offline

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In my presentation for proposing Aquafadas as our tool to create Digital Magazine, I need to explain on how does this concerns handle by the Application.

1. How to track the events (e.g Like button) on HTML Enrichment? (Using Google Analytics)

2. How does Google Analytics handle the event data when the user's device is offline? Did the Google Analytics store the event data on somewhere then push it on the server when the user's device is online?

Thank you

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To answer your questions:

1. Events in the HTML enrichment aren't captured by the reader. You have to set them up manually in the embedded HTML.

2. Events are stored if the device is offline, and will be sent to GA the next time the app is launched with the device online.

Does this answer your questions?

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Aquafadas Support

Yes it is.

Thank you Kevin, for answering.

Hi Kevin,

Kindly clarify, where does the offline event data stored?