Creating Content for Universal Apps

Jeffrey Phillips 2 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Hubert 2 years ago 4

What is the preferred workflow for creating the alternate layouts for (iPhone/iPad) universal apps? Can you use INDD’s Alternate Layout feature? My concern is keeping content between the two layouts in sync.

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The usual way is duplicating your project and changing its resolution to match the device. Then, update your layout (in both orientations) to get your content where you want it.

Unfortunately, it is not really possible to work in parallel on both projects as content isn't synced (you can however duplicate articles from one project to another).

Is this ok with you?

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I was afraid of that. My project is a textbook with an author who is never quite satisfied with his content, so I worry about making changes twice. Alternate layout works pretty well for me from the INDD side, but I can work around that if I HAVE to.

Thanks Kevin

Hi, if this "graphically" possible you can try to use sublayouts for your text blocs and import them in each project. So, you won't have to duplicate your content. I'm not sure to be clear enough...