Floating Menu Button?

John Teofilo 2 years ago in Content Publication • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 7

Hi Aquafadas Team,

Do you think it's functional and practical to have a way that we could create a button that can call the Menu Bar & Navigation Bar at once? :)

Any idea will be appreciated.

Thank you

I got an Idea how can I do this :)

You can close this thread..

Thank you

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Hello John,

Don't hesitate to share your idea with the rest of us. It might help someone else, and someone might even chime in to help you refine your idea!

Best regards,


Aquafadas Support

Yes John : Could you share your solution with us? That's the idea of this forum. And I'm curious !


Hi Kevin & Vincent,

Actually, my Idea doesn't solve the "Floating Button that can call Menu Bar & Navigation Bar at once,"

but to create a static button that will toggle a hide layer on the top of the screen, that layer has some buttons(with button enrichments>tell reader>defends on what you want to put/use)

That layer & buttons will duplicate for all pages. and thats it..

my apology for saying "I got an Idea how can I do this"

I don't really solve/answered my idea/concern above, but to try some solution :)

.. I'm also thinking to use Sub-Layout enrichment,– the whole document will be in Sub-Layout.. for me to create a "Not Scrollable Bar & Buttons Above or Below & also for me not to duplicate all the buttons". Then disable the Navigation Bar. But I'm worried how the application will take that, maybe the application will have memory problem again .. -_-

Hope this will help.


Hi John,

We've seen people do this in the past. Memory problems should only start happening if you put your whole document into one article with one sublayout, since this means everything will be loaded in memory at once. However, you can split your document in a few articles with each a sublayout container, and it should be fine.

Best regards,


Aquafadas Support

Hi Kevin,

I'll give it a try :)

Thank you