Differences - Aquafadas Viewer vs Actual Application (Not Happy)

John Teofilo 2 years ago in Content Creation • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 4


Our Team seems not happy with the differences in terms of interface of our actual application compare to the latest Aquafadas Viewer :(

Interface on Aquafadas Viewer

From Actual Application

We're happy how the Aquafadas Viewer laid out the interface of "Browser" and the Menu above. But after we create our Application, too many indifferences show, and the Icon of "Browser" didn't apply. It's seems your not updating the interface of the remote single viewer. :/

Is there any updates we can expect?

Under review

Hi John,

The reader is updated in AppFactory with each version. Has your application been updated with the latest version of AppFactory?

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Aquafadas Support

Hi Kevin,

I didn't reply yesterday because I was trying to re-create the application using Android App Factory 4.5.10, but having problem (as I posted on my ticket)

But now, I was able to re-create the application and have the same result/interface.

Can you test it?

Thank you

Any update Kevin?

Thank you