How to pass javascript variable outside the App? - Go to Web - WebAction

John Teofilo 2 years ago in Content Creation • updated 2 years ago 0


We're creating QUIZ and we want to share the result on Facebook.

We've done with the QUIZ using HTML,CSS, & Javascript, but having problem on sharing it on Facebook.

The application (our Magazine) can't load the Facebook Pop-up Log-in window on native HTML viewer.

As solution, we're using WebAction and "Out of Application", for us to load the sharing page with Facebook Log-in on other Android Application (Chrome,Firefox,etc).

Our problem is, how can we send the value of Javascript Variable on our server with the help of WebAction Toolkit? We need the URL to be dynamic so we can use some string of the URL as bases on the score the user wants to share.

Thank you in advance.