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Android locked page - zoom not needed

johnnyhungus 3 years ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 3 months ago 8
I think it should be made fairly high priority to lock the zoom on android pages, it makes it impossible to add any kind of multi touch HTML enrichments within the page.

This needs to be sorted and quick!
Under review
The purpose of the "pinch to zoom" feature on AveMag documents for Android, is to allow the editors to have one document that works on all different screen sizes. So the solution is not easy to find because it could be seen as a bug by people who don't use multi-touch HTML.
Could you send me an example of multi-touch HTML that we could use to reproduce the problem ?
Hi John,

I believe there is a workaround for this. You can disable zoom in Android by Using AvePDF type of project.

What Manuel said is true, the main problem of android publication is their variety of screen size. My suggestion is maybe it's better if Aquafadas would create a responsive feature in the DPS in the later version. Just my 2 cents,
Hey Julio,

this is would be great if you didn't want to pack your publication with enrichment, which I do. I understand the fragmentation of android devices and it is annoying. The problem is that to be able to properly publish for such a big market as android, there needs to be a firm solution in place, with no shortcomings. IOS is great but android is a massive market too.
We know that this is a desirable feature and are looking into the best way to implement this asap.
It is true that some pages only work well without the ability to zoom. 

Stay tuned.


Is there any progress with this feature?

I would also like to disable zooming from my Android app since the app is an interactive e-book for kids and kids who have tested my app, constantly zoom in by accident.

well, no answer ?