Publishing Error --> Fatal error: Out of memory when I generate project

Ratima Piyalapkriangkrai 1 year ago in Content Creation / InDesign Authoring • updated by Yuly 3 months ago 13

When I generate project, it took around one hour.

And it showed error message like this.

I would like if someone could tell me what to do

Thank you

[Sorry for my English]

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Hello Ratima,

It seems that the memory allocated to the application is smaller then the project your are trying to generate.

In order to try advising you about this issue, please provide us the following :

- InDesign and Aquafadas plugin versions installed on your computer.

- OS version.

Kind regards,


I use

- InDesign CC 2015 and Aquafadas

- Windows 8

I search the way to solve this problem and try this one

This php.ini is from C:\AquaDigitalPublishing.

memory_limit set at 2048M. So I try to increase it but I still can't generate project.


Is your OS a 32 or a 64 bit system?

Can you try to generate your project again after updating your plugin to version 4.4.3?
Also, check if one or more files of your project, images or other, weigh more than 500 MB. If so, you will have to reduce the size of those files to less then 450 MO.

If InDesign still won't generate it please send us a DPE export of the project.

Bien cordialement,


I can't export DPE too. What should I do? TT_TT

I don't know what should to do. Can I contact you on Facebook? or Can you check my file on Teamviewer?

I really need to export this file. I have to submit assignment. Help me, please.

64 bit

Thank you for your help and advice I will follow this and hopefully I can generate project

I'll tell you it can solve or not

I've a problem like her and I did everything too. But generating project was error too.

PLEASE help us. I don't know what to do.

I have to generate this project T____T

I am in a hurry because I have to submit the assignment so I really need to generate this project please tell me what should I do T_T

Hello Ratima,

Did you manage to check files size ?

Our developers indicate that it is very important. Your first screenshot relates to a memory size issue.

Please give us your feedback as we are not able to investigate this case without the DPE export.

Bien cordialement,


Now I can generate project. Firstly, when you told me to check files size, I checked it but I think it don't large because I once can generate this before. Maybe because I increased files such as pictures, sublayouts, ... that made whole project has many files. So I try to reduce files size as you said and then I can generate project.

Thank you so much for your advice >/\<

And I have a question. Background (left and right) is white. How to change color to black?

Hello, I have the same problem and I already verified and the file size is 57MB, which is well below the 500MB that should not be passed, I am trying to export a PDF AVE file.

Thanks for the help.