Need JKS file

LAR 2 weeks ago in Content Publication • updated 3 days ago 3

Hello, I need a copy of our JKS file for Android. How may I obtain this?

Thank you.

Under review


Do you mean recover it or generate it for the first time. 

If it is a recover, it is impossible. If you don't keep a copy of it (as we are recomending in App Factory) you won't be able to publish your application anymore. 

If it is a first time generation you can do it trough app factory; 

Last option, we (Aquafadas) have done an application for you; In general we are keeping a copy of it in our servers. 

I hope it helps. 



Thank you for the reply. Aquafadas created & submitted our app to Google Play approx 3 years ago. We never had a copy of the file ourselves, and now need it to submit our new app with another company.