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Banners being buggy. Keeps shutting down and losing the media.

revdward 2 years ago in BannerZest • updated by Arnaud Rossi (Head of Support) 4 months ago 5

I can create a Bannerzest file with the images I want, quit bannerzest, and reopen it and all the media is gone. It also won't save the server information and if I try to upload to the server it crashes. The media I've been using is just saved on my desktop and I haven't moved it. I have BZ Version 4.0.3 (5896) and El Capitan 10.11.2.


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So creating the project from scratch on El capitan with BannerZest 4.0.3 dowloaded from the AppStore yesterday still not show the media and pictures after re-opening a project?`

Coud you please open your BannerZest and go to "About BannerZest". Make a screenshot of the version you are getting.

Aquafadas Support

That is correct.


The problem seems to be a bug. To encounter this problem and have a solution :

Please don't use the file --> "SAVE AS " to save your first time project. Please use File --> "SAVE" or File --> "SAVE AS STANDALONE"

Please see screenshot. If you use these options, you reopen your project and you will get again your media.

For the FTP, the publishing to FTP didn't give any error at us.

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I created a brand new banner with Bannerzest 4.03 and it still loses the media and crashes when trying to ftp.