Flash player error when opening MotionComposer

Shawn 2 years ago in Motion Composer • updated by pfackelmann 3 months ago 12

Good day.

When opening MotionComposer I get the following message.

However I have installed the latest version of Flash.

Any suggestions or workarounds to fix this?

Thank you.

Hello Shawn,

What version of OS X are you using ?

Does this error follows a system update ?


I am in OS X 10.10.2

Mac Pro (early 2009)

I have not updated my OS recently, but have updated it since I last used this application.

And you still have the same error message, I mean after the upgrade ?

You are now using 10.10.2, not El Capitan, right ?


Correct. Worked before upgrade to 10.10.2. Have not upgraded to El Capitan yet.

Hello Shawn,

We couldn't reproduce this bug as all our Yosemite Macs are updated to 10.10.5.

I transferred it to our development teams.

Thank you for your patience.


Also, if this information helps, I downloaded an older version of MotionComposer (1.5.1) and it opens fine, but when I upgrade to 1.8.2 I get the Flash message.

Thank you.

Same here - since 2 months!

And this funny Jerome doesn't care a bit.


We are doing our best to try making this work, as the problem occurs only on a few clients computers.

Anyways, it seem to be a matter of OS X version, what version are you working on ?



Pfackelmann 2 months ago




Today it's 10.11.3 (and your version?)

Do I have to chase Shawn's thread now as well?

Peter Fackelmann

Stated previously in the messages above. Just tested again and get the same error, but I am now on 10.11.6 El Capitan.


Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce this issue.

We've tested OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan / Flash Player 24.0.0 and 10.12.3 Sierra / Flash Player Both worked properly on our side.

@Shawn @pfackelmann It seems that your are the only users to encounter this issue. Please try updating your Flash Player version to v25.

If it still won't work, I suppose it is due to some specific configuration on your Macs. You may try running the application on other Macs.

Do not hesitate to post us your feedback.

Kind regards,