What a bad company philosophy to just withdraw a software without even informing your paying clients!

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You're taking motioncomposer from the market, not leaving the possibility to download the software for backup and you do not even inform your clients! :-( :-(. What alternative software do you suggest for us?!?


Indeed our website and its software page have been entirely redesigned, so that MotionComposer that is not anymore available for purchased was removed from it.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenient you encounter, however, you may download a backup of MotionComposer here:


Kind regards,
Aquafadas support.


I just switch computers and need to download the Windows version of PulpMotion and Motion Composer. Could you please provide a link for the location?

Hello MamaPapa666, 

Sorry but these software never existed on Windows. 

I won't be able to help you. 

I wish you a nice day. 

Best regards.