How to Integrate Your Banner into a Website

Once you’ve finished editing your banner, click the Publish button on the top menu bar.

You will now be given the choice to export your project remotely, locally or to a Dropbox account. Choose the Local option and in the following box, define the folder where you’d like your project to be saved. It’s best to create a new folder for each project, as this will be your publication folder for uploading later. Check your export settings, and when you’re ready, click Publish.

Your project will be saved to the folder you specified in the last step. In this location, a file will be saved called “TestPage.html”, which includes instructions as well as a code snippet that will allow you to embed your slideshow on a website. To open this file, simply click Open Page in the dialog window that appears after publishing, or navigate to your project folder and open TestPage.html using a web browser.
On this page you’ll see your finished slideshow, as well as the HTML code snippet you need for embedding it to a website. However, you must be sure that your image resources are available online and properly linked. If you need help uploading your assets, please refer to one of the following tutorials:
[FTP / Dropbox / Blog]

Once your publication folder is hosted online, enter its location in the Publication Path field and the code snippet will automatically update your links. You can also use a relative path if your folder is hosted in the same location as your website. Check out the examples at the bottom of the page for more information.

Finally, copy the code snippet and you’re ready to embed your project wherever HTML5 is supported! Simply paste the code snippet anywhere you’d like your slideshow displayed.

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