BannerZest features two different types of themes:
  • themes that have fixed aspect ratio
  • themes that have free aspect ratio

Fixed aspect ratio

For those themes, you can't set width and height individually. If you move the width slider, the height slider will move too, and vice-versa. This restriction is here for technical reasons: those themes were made by designer using the Flash CS3 authoring tools. The animation were drawn manually and as a result we can't change the size dynamically. For those themes, changing the size simply apply a global scale on the whole animation. Doing this may result in a quality loss for the images, especially if you try to make the banner bigger. We recommend that you only display these banners at a size close to the default values. (You may add/remove a few pixels in order to fit in your layout but not more).
The concerned themes are:
  • Exploda
  • Hanging
  • Multi Flip (horizontal & vertical)
  • Rising Balloon
  • Rolling Images
  • Square Shot
  • Sticker
  • Water Apparition (normal & narrow)
  • Windy

Free aspect ratio

For those themes, you can set width and height individually and freely. For some of them, you can also change the media size.
  • 3D Wall (normal & curved)
  • (PRO) Accordion (all four of them)
  • (PRO) Book
  • Bouncy
  • Carousel
  • Cover Flow
  • Elastic 3x3 / (PRO) ElasticMatrix
  • Fading Grid
  • (PRO) Falling Stripes (1 & 2)
  • Flippy
  • Gallery
  • Hanging (Slim & 3D)
  • Item Slideshow
  • Menu Grid
  • Move Slideshow
  • moving Grid
  • Paper Wall
  • Quadrato
  • Sakura
  • Simple SlideShow
  • Sliding Images
  • Sliding Sticker (fixed height)
  • SnakeGrid
  • Square SlideShow
  • Table
  • (PRO) Text SlideShow

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