Custom museum layouts with frames

  1. Create a new project using the theme "Basic Museum", add a custom media layout and edit it :Add custom media layout

    Add custom media layout
  2. Insert the frame you want from the theme resources in the media manager. Resize it to occupy all space available. Open the inspector and click on the "Reset Ratio" button to correct the resizing. Once the frame is adjusted, lock it to prevent unwanted movements.insert frame, resize and adjust

    insert frame, resize and adjust
  3. Save your project as "Museum frames layouts". You will only use this project to store media layouts for the museum themes. Keep the first project opened and create a new project that will be your slideshow using the museum theme of your choice. Duplicate the custom layout you've just saved and drop the duplicate into the new project :duplicate and drop a custom layout into another project

    duplicate and drop a custom layout into another project
  4. Now you just have to edit the media layout in the second project. Drop an image into the frame, resize it and click on the "One step back" button to display the frame on the foreground and the image on the background :insert an image into the frame

    insert an image into the frame
  5. Close the editor and enjoy the result in the preview.

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