Flash uses different types of fonts:
  • system fonts
  • embedded fonts
  • bitmap fonts

System Fonts

This is the usual situation: Flash uses the system resources to display text inside the animation. The text will be displayed as if it was some HTML text inside the bowser.
With BannerZest, we try to use the system fonts whenever it is possible. When a theme uses system fonts, BannerZest user interface will only allow you to select web safe fonts (Arial, Times, ...) in order to make sure any browser will be able to display the text correctly.
Note that you can change the font manually inside the bz.xml file after publication if you want to use more exotic fonts. In that case, keep in mind that if the user system doesn't have this font, he will display the text with his default font instead.

Embedded Fonts

Embedded fonts are compiled inside the swf file as vector fonts. It enables the Flash Player to draw them directly instead of relying on the system to do it. One big advantage is that it allows it to display rotated text, one thing it can't do with system fonts. Another advantage is that it will render this text in the same way, independently of the user system.
The main drawback is that since embedded fonts are compiled inside the swf file, it tends to increase its size drastically, that is why BZ themes that uses embedded fonts will only have one or two available fonts. For the same reason, BannerZest themes do not embed the symbols for every languages. For example Japanese kanjis are not embedded inside our themes.
  • Exploda
  • Hanging
  • Hanging Slim
  • Rising Balloon
  • Sakura
  • Sticker
  • Sliding Sticker
  • Text Sideshow (different situation but the result is the same as with embedded fonts)

Bitmap Fonts

With BZ2, we added another type of fonts that we called "Bitmap fonts". It is only available for themes that originally had embedded fonts. It allows you to choose another font than the embedded ones. You can choose any font from the web safe font list, and the texts elements in the banner will automatically be replaced by Bitmaps representing the texts at run time. This allows you to use fonts and symbols that weren't originally embedded in the theme, at the price of visual quality.

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