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Would you like try my process on registering test devices?

  • Install the Aquafadas Viewer
  • Tap ther Gear Icon (Aquafadas Viewer)
  • Log in your Cloud Connect account
  • Tap the Three Dots Icon beside gear Icon then choose "Use this device for test"


Does this warning also related to this?

We got this warning after I published our App.

Hi Mike,

Sorry, my bad, yeah you couldn't get the IP address if it was off.

I don't what is the error, but I just using this simple method:

On InDesign

On my Android Phone

Hi Mike,

It is your first time to test zave on Android?

I mostly test our magazine on Android, and it goes well for me.

-Try to connect your PC/Mac and the Android device on the same network.

-Enable the transfer "On"

I hope this will help.


Hi Ashleyfry,

If your Android App Factory is lower than 4.5.13 ..

Try to update your Android App Factory


Based on my observation, stretched elements can also solve using grouping..

Welcome Rob

Hi Rob,

I don't know exactly how does the application rendered it, sometimes I also encountered this error.

My solution, I Group the objects/elements that are related (e.g. photo, with it's short description, lines, icons below), the Indesign will render it as one Pdf & Jpeg file.

I hope this will help.


Hi Roberta,

I also experienced this, for the meantime, I created New Project and re-upload all the articles there, it solved my problem.

I hope this will help.