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"With the “HTML Page” enrichment you can add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to your final ZAVE file. You can also use this enrichment to add a PDF.“

Work in progress, but for the 16:9 960 x 540 project, the standard .zave is 45.4 MB, and the HD .zave is 108.5 MB.

And to follow up: The photos in my Adobe DPS pages at 1024 x 768 looked perfectly acceptable on my retina-screen iPad 2.

The button would lead you to Cloud Connect if the missing “/“ were there.

The button now connects to “avepublishing.aquafadas.comen/“ but it should connect to “

No—the correct answer is to add “/“ between “.com” and “en” so the URL reads “

Your green button doesn’t create Titles—it creates Unassigned Projects.

OK, I think what’s happening is I’m not getting what the documentation led me think what I should get.

The documentation states:

Use Crop for fullscreen: When “Enable fullscreen” is checked, the image will be cropped so that the whole images appears on the device without letter-boxing (black edges around the image).

I expected my landscape picture, in a landscape container, to fill the screen in my portrait app on double-tapping. It doesn’t.

My landscape picture, cropped in a portrait container, will either open fullscreen using the cropped image (Use crop is checked) or the entire image (Use crop is unchecked).

What the checkbox seems to control is if the zoomed picture will use the entire image, or the image as cropped in its container. It does not have any effect on letter boxing the zoomed image.

I was afraid of that. My project is a textbook with an author who is never quite satisfied with his content, so I worry about making changes twice. Alternate layout works pretty well for me from the INDD side, but I can work around that if I HAVE to.

Thanks Kevin