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HI Manuel, I just had an app built by Aquafadas – will the issue download event be in it? Only I can seem to find it on my Google Analytics page.

Thanks, Vincent


I wonder if someone at Aquafadas could help me please? I recently subscribed to Aquafadas and can't fathom how to make many of the plugins work. For instance, the video tutorial for the Spot The Difference plugin is really out of date, and doesn't seem to relate to the plugin at all now. It's been suggested that the Hide & Seek plugin could help but it's far too different to be able to use as even a starting point. Can someone please direct me to an up-to-date tutorial or documentation about this please?

It's pointless having these plugins if there's no away of knowing how to use them and I've spent hours trying to get them to work with absolutely no joy.



Hi Christian,

Thanks so much for getting in touch. I've heard from Aquafadas, so everything is in hand now.

Kind regards,