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OK. Now I know the solution: You have to install the latest version of xCode (9.2).

Perhaps it would be a good idea to correct this link e.g. in "Aquafadas Connect" or on your own website?


The "two store concept" was an idea from the support. ;-)

Thanks for your answer. But this is not such a good idea. Because now I can't differ between iOS and Android default Store. That's very important for us, because we have different measures. Please bring back - at least in the cloud connect interface!!!!!!

Do you know, when the next AppFactory Release with this bug fix will be available?

Sorry, but there is no change! It's very strange, that the UUID for two devices are the same in the mail from the viewer app!

It's android 5.0 (Huawei) and 6.01 (Samsung & Nexus).

We have the same problem here. We tested on 5 devices with 3 different Apps. Always the same.